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Did You Know…
The idea behind the CoolSculpt machine started after doctors noticed that children who sucked on popsicles lost the fat in their cheeks without damage to the skin. It is amazing what can develop from a simple observation.
In the past some doctors tried to dye the patient hair dark so that more of the laser energy would be absorbed by the hair and thereby the laser would more effectively remove the hair. Unfortunately, it did not work because the dye did not reach the hair follicle.
The same laser that is used for hair removal, can get rid of toe nail fungus.
Neurotoxins are medications developed from the bacteria known as clostridium botulinum. Researchers noticed that people infected with this bacterium had suffered muscle weakness. Dysport and Botox have been developed from this discovery.
The word “Cosmetic” is derived from the Greek word “Kosmos” which means “of this world.”
A tan can absorb some of the energy of laser light and prevent the laser light from reaching the hair follicle. Do not get a tan before laser hair removal.
In the 1450s, women would shave their pubic hair to get rid of lice. And then they would have a pubic hair wig made as a replacement.
Just before the laser is fired, a jet of frozen air is sent to the skin to protect the skin from the laser energy and to decrease the pain.
The light from a hair removal laser passes through the skin and is absorbed by the hair follicle. The laser energy is absorbed by the hair follicle and is destroyed. Since people have different skin colors, we need to have lasers with a variety of colors of laser light.

DIY Hair Removal? Consider Your Options.

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At-Home Devices Have Come a Long Way, But Still Not as Effective as Laser Hair Removal

When considering the various methods or devices of hair removal available, it is tempting to go for the lower cost, easy-to-do home treatments. At-home devices have certainly come a long way since the days of electrolysis, but when you want to eliminate hair for good, nothing outperforms laser hair removal for permanent results.

What you need to know to make the right choice for you

Laser hair removal is performed by licensed and experienced medical spa staff. A professional will assess your skin and hair color first, then fine-tune their professional-grade hair removal laser to obtain the best and safest results possible.

At home, it’s just you, a hair removal device and a set of directions guiding you through the process. While this is a perfectly fine and preferred scenario for some, others desire a more expert approach.

At-home treatment devices

Many at-home treatment devices fall under the intense pulsed light (IPL) category. Most of them are not suitable for darker skin tones, but some have been developed with better technologies to make them safe even on dark skin. Only a few at-home diode laser devices are available and they designed for use on light skin tones.

Professional hair removal devices

At medical spas, the terms laser and IPL hair removal are often used interchangeably, although many practitioners prefer to use laser hair removal because they believe it does deliver superior results to IPL. With laser hair removal devices, even those with darker skin tones that generally don’t respond well to IPL achieve hair-free results.

Differences between at-home and medical spa hair removal devices

IPL machines are sold at major retailers to consumers. This makes them convenient for someone who wants to avoid an appointment with a medical practitioner for hair removal treatment, and perhaps the higher cost. Based on online device reviews, users report a less-than-satisfying experience. At-home device users can use them as a precursor to medical spa laser hair removal services. The results are convincing enough to make the leap to a medical spa for even smoother, hair-free areas.

At-home IPL devices are less painful, but much less successful in permanently removing hair from the body than medical-grade lasers. This is because medical lasers produce more power per pulse that causes more damage to hair follicles, preventing the growth of the hair forever, or preventing its re-growth for a very long time. Most medical lasers for hair removal are accompanied by special systems for cooling which help protect the tissues surrounding the hair follicles.

It is difficult to reach some areas of the body such as the back of your legs, your bottom, back and shoulders with an at-home hair removal device. This makes it hard to achieve total coverage of all the areas without asking a friend or partner for help. Plus, treatments take time and can be tedious, especially if you’re covering large areas or treating the whole body. But with medical spa hair removal devices, the trained operative easily covers your whole body as you sit or lie down relaxing. The treatments are fast can more easily cover larger areas at a time compared to smaller at-home devices.

You’ve made the decision to undergo hair removal. How you go about it is a personal choice, of course. Time, skill, cost and effectiveness are all aspects that factor into deciding which is right for you.

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