Facial Veins - Laser Resurfacing
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Facial Veins - Laser Resurfacing

Veins on the face have been given many different names (spider veins, telangiectasias, spider angiomas, benign vascular lesions). They are usually found on the forehead, nose, cheeks, eyelids, neck, and upper chest. Although the cause of facial veins is not fully understood, they are often associated with excessive sun exposure. On the face, visible veins can range in size from a tiny spot to several centimeters across.

laser resurfacings facial veins
Laser Resurfacing - Facial Veins (Before and After)

These veins can be very effectively treated with laser therapy. The lasers destroy the small blood vessel and leave the surrounding tissue unharmed. The side effects of laser therapy can include minimal pain, similar to a rubber band snap, and temporary purpura of the skin, similar to bruising. The purpura usually resolves in a day or two. The risk of scarring is very low.

Intense pulsed light therapy, or IPL, is very similar to laser therapy except broadband light is used instead of focused light. The procedure itself is similar but there is usually less bruising.

Sometimes large veins can develop on the face, usually on the forehead. These large veins usually do not respond well to lasers or IPL, but can be treated effectively with sclerotherapy injections.  

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