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Skin care products and services
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Your busy lifestyle leaves little time for pampering skin care. The result: your skin isn't the baby-soft body glove with which you were born. With age, your skin gradually becomes thinner and finely wrinkled. Oil-producing (sebaceous) glands grow less active leaving your skin drier. The number of blood vessels in your skin decreases, your skin becomes more fragile, and you lose your youthful color and glow.

skin care products and servicesGood skin care, such as avoiding the sun, washing your skin gently and applying moisturizer regularly, can help delay the natural aging process and prevent many skin problems. Proactive skin care will help you keep your skin youthful and healthy.

We feature several skin care product lines that help you restore your skin to a healthy, glowing, natural looking complexion. All products are available at our skin care clinics. Before using any of these products, consult with your health care provider and use them only as directed.

Learn more about the speciality skin care products offered by Fremont Laser & Skin Care:

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