VASER Lipo Ultrasound - Body Sculpting
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VASER® Lipo Body Sculpting

The human body is designed to store fat. Thus even with a rigorous diet and exercise, there are areas where fat will persist. These unwanted bulges can be very effectively treated with the VASER® technology. The VASER® uses ultrasound to dissolve fat with only minimal damage to the surrounding tissues. Because the fat is dissolved, the result of treatment is very smooth and natural in appearance. The body's natural athletic appearance is enhanced and muscle definition is highlighted. has created a specific animation on the VASER Lipo procedure. is a global provider of web-based educational services that enable medical professionals and healthcare companies to communicate more effectively with patients. The presentation uses engaging 3D animation to present the VASER Lipo procedure in an easy-to-understand format that patients may conveniently access online.

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