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SlimLipo™ Body Sculpting

Laser Treatments Come With Some Very Welcome Side Effects

Every once in awhile a new technology comes along that not only claims to achieve better body sculpting results than current treatments do, it really does achieve better results.  Like other body sculpting laser treatments, SlimLipo™ melts away fat to create a slimmer contoured shape.  But unlike laser lipolysis treatments that emit non-optimized 1064 nm and 1320 nm wavelengths, SlimLipo’s™ 924 nm and 975 nm wavelengths selectively target adipose (fat) tissue more effectively, while its unique laser tip design treats smaller areas that other lasers can’t reach, much less contour. 

SlimLipo’s™ post treatment side effects are anything but unwanted.  Collagen naturally occurs in the connective tissue and it gives strength and structure to the skin. When these collagen tissues are heated during the SlimLipo™ treatment, they shrink resulting in smoother, tighter skin.  This makes SlimLipo™ a perfect option for patients who previously underwent traditional liposuction surgery and want to even out the appearance of the skin’s surface.

SlimLipo™ uses a thin, flexible, fiber-optic wand that delivers a lower level of laser energy to the tissues. Because it exclusively targets fat tissue, the fat melts away at lower temperatures making it safer, less traumatic to the surrounding area for minimal bruising and swelling, and ultimately much more comfortable than traditional liposuction.   It’s not uncommon for SlimLipo™ patients to return to work or resume their regular activities the same day of the treatment.

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